The Music of the 1970s (S5 E6)

This week we dive into all the great music of the 1970s, focusing on the bands that heavily influenced other musicians and bands. We debated whether bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Queen deserved the “Glam” moniker, and, for our second debate, we discussed the difference between Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal.

And, because we can’t help ourselves, slid into the 80s just a little.


We wish we could play the music on the show to give the full experience, but since we can’t, we’ve created a playlist specifically for this season, which we’ll update as we progress through each episode.


Sounds On Vinyl is hosted by Mike Svensson and Phil Bowyer.

Intro & Outro Voiceover: Kate Bowyer.

Intro & Outro music: Grand Rezerva, courtesy BoozeHound Music

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