Scenes From The Attic

When the routine of everyday life is touched by horror and the unexplained, it comes to the attic.


Listen to the first episode:

Episode 1 / Silence Is Golden

Witness the horror when silent screams in the mind turn violent.

Episode 2 / Trapped

Visit a neighborhood that’s rarely visited, but always occupied.

Episode 3 / Mirror, Mirror

See what happens when a young woman can’t get enough of her own reflection.

Episode 4 / Dead Famous

A story of the lengths one is willing to go to become famous.

Episode 5 / Endangered

Tag along on a tour of some remarkable, yet endangered species.

Episode 6 / Waiting Room

Two waiting rooms, two people, one tragedy.

Episode 7 / Mannequin

A teenage boy grows tired of his sister’s relentless pranks.

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Adapted from the short story collection “The Attic” written and published by Kate Bowyer.

Written by: Kate Bowyer
Season 1 Narration: Kate Bowyer
Various Characters in Seasons 2-3 played by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer
Directed & Edited by Phil Bowyer
Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment
Research/Investigation by Wally Fitch
Sounds & Effects by Sniffing Hiney
Music by D.L. Sounds