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You’ve found the new home of BoozeHound Entertainment, and uh, well… you’ve sort of caught us with our shot glasses empty.

We are creating what we believe is the best fan experience for independent entertainment which we hope to launch in Late March (fingers crossed).

If you haven’t heard of us, We Are BoozeHound, a small independent entertainment company founded by Kate & Phil Bowyer (AKA “Phate”),  that creates podcasts (fiction & non-fiction), videos (shows, short films & documentaries) and books (fiction & non-fiction).

We also have a small music label that specializes in distribution and music licensing. To learn more about us and check out our shows, visit our temporary site (

Thanks for stopping by, and as we say during happy hour… Skål!

BzHd News

A Walk In Darkness Season 2 is Coming

When we wrote the final episode of Season 1, we thought that was the end of the series. You, our glorious fans, had something to say about that – “More, we want more!” In case you haven’t made it to the end yet, we won’t give away any spoilers, but let’s say, continuing the series presented some challenges. We weren’t sure it was even possible, but you were eager for more to the story, so we worked day and night, drinking an assortment of adult beverages while listening to our infamous punk rock playlist and plotting what would become Season Two of the A Walk In Darkness Series.

So, yes, Season 2 is coming. We don’t have a release date yet because A Walk In Darkness Season 2 is more than a podcast you listen to while doing the dishes or exercising. This isn’t passive entertainment. It could be, we suppose, but that’s not the experience we want to present. You deserve more and we want to do more, so it’s taking a bit of time to get to your ears (and eyes).

In the coming weeks, look for some very subtle changes to season 1 (hint: keep your eye on our YouTube channel). This is also a taste (dare we say, tease) of what we have in store for Season 2.  We don’t want to ruin anything so we won’t say any more, but make sure you become a member to be on the inside of what’s happening and to be the first to know the official release date for season 2.

Until then, thanks for your support. We love you!

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