2024 and Beyond

We sipped our cocktails as the blizzard outside mocked what we were feeling on the inside. The storm wasn’t just brewing, it was already here. We mixed the next round of cocktails in a pointless effort to procrastinate the ginormous task before us – planning the new year.

The ice clinked around our glasses as the giant list of existing and newly green-lit shows stared back at us. Is this really what we want to be working on next year? It was stupid to think that we could pull this off, even if we wanted to, and it was becoming clear we didn’t. Just because we have an idea, doesn’t mean we should do it. For us, coming up with ideas is easy, or rather a curse. We have too many and we get fired up in the moment and feel the need to act on them all.

It’s a fucking curse. 

As the storm outside pelted snow against the windows and covered the once-green grass, we created a new process for greenlighting shows. When the smoke cleared and the booze bottles were empty, we had our focus for 2024. It was exciting and sad all at the same time. We still had one question to answer: Could we pull this off? 

We vowed to the gods of booze that this new year, 2024, would be different. It had to be. We would, no, we must challenge ourselves and commit to creating only the best of the best, and that meant only one thing: that big list of green-lit shows was now mostly a list of shows that will never be.  After all, we aren’t getting any younger and there are still plenty of dreams we want to live.

Sounds On Vinyl

We decided to cancel the Sounds On Vinyl show. We had a ton of fun making the show and connecting with musicians and fans, but the show as it was ran its course. It was time for it to end… or was it?

If you’re a fan of the show, you know Mike, one of the hosts, achieved his dream of opening his Sounds On Vinyl record store. After they heard about the show’s ending, Mike was asked by a record label to continue the show with a different focus and do it in Swedish. Mike is currently working on the new iteration of Sounds On Vinyl. No date for a relaunch yet, but we’ll let you know.


A Walk In Darkness

A Walk In Darkness remains our most popular project. It consists of multiple social media accounts, two podcasts, and a book. Yeah, it was quite a project to produce. Many of you contacted us wanting more, and we had around 6 spin-offs planned for the A Walk In Darkness Universe but we decided to put those on hold for now. We may do these in the future, but to do this right would require a massive amount of time and expense, which doesn’t align with our current goals.

New Shows

Between Two Cocktails

One of the shows we did greenlight is called “Between Two Cocktails”. It went through many different iterations, but none of them felt right. Back in 2015, we did a show called The Lazy Bartender. We tossed around the idea of resurrecting that show but Kate didn’t want to do that. After a few drinks and some back and forth, we accidentally created a new imprint – an extension of BoozeHound.

This new imprint is called “Between Two Cocktails” and is the new home for the Lazy Bartender archive, and several new series centered around happy hour and cocktails (and not in the way you’re probably thinking). We won’t get too much into this as we’re still in the early stages of development but we’re having so much fun creating everything and we know you’ll love it.

Concrete & Steele

This is one we’ve been throwing around for years.  It was always something we wanted to do, but could never seem to get a viable script/premise down for it, but we finally did it. Concrete & Steele is an animated show about two musicians. We can’t reveal everything here but think of this show as one part Monkees (the old 60s TV Show), one part Spinal Tap, and a slice of Ted Lasso. It will have original music (we already recorded some half-assed demos) and Mike (from the Sounds On Vinyl show) will also have a role in the show.

Concrete & Steele is the most challenging project we’ve attempted as we’re doing two things we’ve never done before; animation and creating music. To say we’re both scared and excited to challenge ourselves like this is an understatement, but this is what this year is about, right?

BzHd YouTube

Since YouTube will become our main platform for distribution, we are making a few changes to the BzHd channel:

  • We’re moving all our popular shows to their own separate channel. This includes A Walk In Darkness which is re-releasing mimicking its original release schedule.
  • Make the current BzHd channel a portal of sorts for both new and existing shows.
  • New shows will get their own channel.

Well, that about covers the updates for now. While we don’t say it enough, we thank you for your support and we hope your 2024 is going well. Until next time….

Kate & Phil