“The Holy Week Incident” (Episode 6)

Forty years ago, 12 people died in the backyard of the Death House on Elm Street. Three days later, they disappeared. Tonight, we explore the events of the Holy Week Incident & why it’s important to our investigation.

Wally Fitch is a #fictional #character in the “A Walk In Darkness” multi-sensory #experience, a #supernatural #thriller which follows a #paranormal investigator as he searches for a #book written by a #demon.⠀


Story by Kate Bowyer (Instagram – @iamkatebowyer)⠀
Written by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer⠀
Directed by Phil Bowyer (Instagram – @iamphilbowyer)⠀
Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment (Instagram – @WeAreBoozeHound)⠀

Wally Fitch: Phil Bowyer⠀
Jule St. Vincent: Kate Bowyer
Officer Freeman (8B17): Jesse James (Instagram – @jessefreeman)
Dispatcher: Caitlin Bowyer (Instagram – @caitcbowyer)
Sutton Blackhill: Kate Bowyer⠀

Theme Music: Grand Rezerva (Instagram – @grandrezervaofficial) ⠀
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