New VS The Old and The Best Of… (S2 E10)

This week Phil is visited by ghosts, Mike answers the question on whether you should invest in new or old pressings and is it worth getting “Best Of” albums.  And if that wasn’t enough kick-ass, we have new music from Marble Mammoth. Go check them out. 

We had a few audio issues with this one.  Not sure if it was the software we used to remotely record or the ghosts, but it’s not too bad and we apologize.  I guess the internet can’t handle our metalness. 🙂

Hosted by Mike Svensson and Phil Bowyer

Intro and Outro Music by Grand Rezerva (Courtesy of BoozeHound Music)

Intro and Outro Voiceover by Kate Bowyer (via BoozeHound Studio in cooperation with BoozeHound Music)

Sounds on Vinyl is produced by BoozeHound Entertainment. 

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