Sweet Home Chicago (S7 E24)

This week we dive into one of the most iconic soundtracks ever – The Blues Brothers. The movie and the soundtrack are very special to us for many reasons, and we wanted to share our thoughts.

//// Fun Facts

  • The first draft of the movie was 324 pages
  • The mall chase was filmed in a real mall in Harvey Il., next door to Phil’s hometown. The mall was shut down in 1979 and torn down in 2013
  • The movie has 2 connections to Star Wars – Carrie Fischer and Frank Oz, who is a puppeteer and voices the legendary character Yoda, who plays the corrections officer at the beginning of the movie.
  • The movie raised $200K for Chicago orphanages.
  • The movie set the record for the most cars crashed at the time – 104.
  • Joe Walsh from the Eagles started the prison riot in the Jailhouse Finale.
  • The restaurant, Chez Paul, in the movie is a real restaurant and is the same one featured in Ferris Beulers Day Off.
  • – The Pope stopped by the set and blessed it. Also said it was on the recommended list of movies to watch by Catholics.

/// Songs In the Movie But Not On The Soundtrack

1. Boom, Boom, Boom – John Lee Hooker

2. Stand By Your Man Cover

3. I Can’t Turn You Loose

/// Songs That Did Make The Soundtrack

1. She Caught The Katy

2. Peter Gunn Theme

3. Gimme Some Lovin

4. Shake Your Tail Feather (with Ray Charles)

5. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

6. The Old Landmark (with James Brown)

7. Think (with Aretha Franklin)

8. Theme From Rawhide

9. Minnie The Moocher (with Cab Calloway)

10. Sweet Home Chicago

/// Credits

  • Hosted by Mike Svensson & Phil Bowyer
  • Directed by Phil Bowyer
  • Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment
  • Intro & Outro Voice-Over (Audio only) by Kate Bowyer
  • Intro & Outro Music by Dead Anarchy

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